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At Southern Wilderness we are dedicated to making sure that we have a positive experience for, not only the guests that come on our journeys, but on ourselves (the crew), the environment and the community that we work within.

We love fresh, colourful food. We enjoy providing gourmet meals in a remote setting where tinned and dehydrated food is the expectation.

We believe in providing our guests with fresh nutritious food to fuel their bodies for their adventure with us.

We will, where possible, choose to buy local produce, supporting local business and promoting product freshness.

Our menus are designed by Angus McKenzie, who is an unashamed foodie and prides himself in developing vibrant, tasty, fresh menus. We ensure that the menu provides sufficient energy for the expended exercise of the day, and pleases the palate!

As long as we know in advance we cater to most special dietary needs and requirements including, but not limited, to vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. A surcharge may apply.

Contact us to book your Southern Wilderness Gourmet Guided Walk today.

Call us on +64 (3) 545 7544

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